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5 Tips on Navigating a Home Fabric Department

Home decorating. Home improvement.

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Our homes say a lot about us, and reflect our personality to all our guests. Or, at least we want our homes to look that way, but it can be hard to get them there! Where do we start? How do we do it? What are the big unknowns you should prepare for?

Whether you’re looking to redecorate yourself, or you’re looking to get some custom work done on your home, there are some certifiable ways to make sure you start off on the right foot. Here at Fabricana, we have experts that can make your curtains, sheers, headboards, bedding and more, for you, or guide you on how to start your own at-home project. We’ve put together a helpful list on how to navigate a Home Fabric Department, and how you can prepare for the worst and the best! We can’t speak for every Home Fabric store, but these are some awesome starting off points no matter where you shop.

If you want to get a hold of our Home Decor Department, you can contact us at our Coquitlam location.


The best place to start your project is by looking at some inspiration. Inspiration can come from a bunch of different places (videos, home decor shows, magazines, friend’s houses, or even just 1 piece of furniture you love!). The best thing to do is find something you enjoy (even if you don’t want to replicate it exactly), and then bring it along with you to shop and browse. 

Home decorating. Home improvement. Interior design.

Whether it’s a colour series you love, a style of fabric, a genre of design, or just a mood, it’s best to bring your inspiration either printed out and tucked into your bag, or as a photo on your phone. This way when you chat to the Home Fabric Department experts, they know what direction to point you in.


Colour is a designer’s best friend! Maybe there is a carpet colour you want to match, or paint you’re planning to put on the walls, either way, knowing what colour you want to start with is fundamental. You can grab free paint swatches and carpet samples from most hardware or paint stores–try not to match colours off of photos! A photo rarely shows the true colour of a product, and it’s always best to have a physical colour to compare your samples to. Even if you’re not an expert on matching or contrasting, Fabricana’s experts can guide you through the process by sharing the fabrics we have on hand, or fabrics from our sample books. 

Paint swatches. Paint selection. Colour matching.
Fabric swatches.


Lighting ties in nicely with our previous point about having swatches available. Colours look different under different circumstances, so something that looks vibrant and yellow in store may look dusky and burnt at home. The natural and artificial light in your home is unique, and it’s best to look at your colours and swatches in the room you’re designing before purchasing anything! 

Lighting. Different lighting. Home decorating. Home improvement.

Here at Fabricana, you can take our fabric sample books home with you so you can see how the colours look in your space! Lighting matters, so knowing how that blue looks against your dark hardwood floors, or if the pattern you love plays well with a busy piece of furniture, is a must. Additionally, make sure to look at your swatches at various times of day. Morning light and afternoon lighting are very different, and it’s important to know if you love your fabric selection in both conditions. 

Fabric swatches. Fabric. Tiles. Decorating.
Upholstery book. Fabric swatches.


It’s always best to bring along a tape measure with you when checking out Home Decor, and that goes doubly true for window covers. Try and get a measurement of the window you want to cover before you come into the store, so you know if there is enough fabric available for the project you have in mind. If you can’t measure your space, Fabricana can help out with that by sending an installer to your home upon request. 

Home improvement.

If you’re planning to sew your own project, getting window measurements is extra important. This way our staff can tell you exactly how much fabric you need so you won’t end up short. We want to see you succeed, so we’ll always do our best to provide the most accurate information possible when you come in with a project in mind. 


While you may not know exactly what hardware you need, it’s best to know what colour and style you’re leaning toward. Hardware (such as drapery rods, drapery rod ends, tassels, blind clips and more) come in a variety of wood tones, metal finishings, and textures. If you know that your flooring is a light, cherry wood, you probably don’t want to buy drapery hardware that’s black! Getting a swatch of your flooring can be difficult, so a picture in this case can be beneficial to find a colour range that will work in your home. This is also where measurements come in handy, since drapery rods can be cut to order!

Home decor hardware. Hardware. Curtains.

Additionally, here at Fabricana, we can install your window coverings for you, so you don’t have to worry about learning how to do that yourself. Especially if it’s a big project! 

We hope that you find these starting tips helpful so you know what to expect when walking into a Home Fabric store for the first time. Your home is one of the most significant things in your life, so getting it to look the way you want is key to healthy living. Even if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, if you’re heading to Fabricana we can promise that our experienced staff can help you through each step. Happy sewing and happy designing! 


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