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Outdoor Fabrics: For more than Outdoor Cushions!

outdoor fabrics

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We all think about outdoor fabrics when we want to make our outdoor spaces more comfortable with seat cushions or toss cushions. Have you considered other uses for these durable fabrics that are made to withstand the outdoor elements? Here are a few ideas to kickstart your imagination.

Shades on a Pergola

poolside pergola outdoor fabric

A pergola over your patio area is a beautiful bit of architecture that can help reduce direct sunlight. But what do you do when the sun is directly overhead? Creating retractable shades made of outdoor fabrics may be the perfect solution.

Outdoor Canopy

retractable shade outdoor fabric

Just like the pergola, a canopy with a retractable cover made from outdoor fabric can keep your outdoor space a little cooler and keep the sun out of your eyes.

Outdoor Drapery – Functional and Fashionable

drapery outdoor fabric

Another way to help control direct sunlight is to install outdoor draperies. They can also help create a private retreat in your outdoor space. You could also install vertical panels that are secured at the top and bottom to help reduce the effects of a summer breeze. While drapes and shades have practical uses, they can also add an element of beauty to your outdoor environment by bringing in colour, pattern, texture, and repetition.

Beach Bag! Bingo!

beach bag outdoor fabric

If you’re looking for a fun sewing project, consider a beautiful handbag. Make it out of outdoor fabric, and your bag will take you from a day of shopping to a day on the beach. The image above shows a nice combination of texture and colour, but tying in a fun print is another great way to imbue your bag with personality!

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Have you ever used an outdoor fabric in an unconventional way? Can you think of other uses for these fabrics? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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