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3 DIY Ideas to Fall in Love With This Fall

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While summer days are still upon us, the dawn of yet another fall is slowly but surely appearing on the horizon. And as the days start getting shorter, what once required AC and short sleeves will eventually transition into cozy sweater weather. 

As temperatures gradually lower and the autumnal chill sneaks into the air, what better way to adjust to the changing seasons than by decorating your home with some adorable and delightful DIY features? 

Here are three DIY ideas to help you fall in love with the upcoming fall season.

Patchwork Pillows

What’s more welcoming than opening the door and being greeted with the view of an inviting sofa decorated with adorable patchwork pillows? 

It inspires a feeling of familiar comfort with the nostalgic sentiment of something homemade. Patchwork pillows are incredibly easy to make, with the beauty of being entirely customizable to fit your desired colour scheme, patterns and overall aesthetic. 

Whether you want it to be a pop of colour or focal piece or provide a neutral background for something more vibrant, patchwork pillows are an excellent option for those looking to experiment with fabric DIYs. 

You can use any fabric to make a patchwork pillow, but we particularly love this in-style colour scheme.

Effie’s Woods by Deb Strain

Col: Mint

Stay Gold by Melody Miller of Ruby Star Society

Col: Peacock

Heavenly Hedgerow

Col: Cream 12

Sister Bay by 3 Sisters

Col: 13 Blue-Green

RK Linen/Cotton Prints

Col: Mango

Wild West

Col: Peach

Dance in Paris by Zen Chic

Col: Teal

Stay Gold by Melody Miller of Ruby Star Society

Col: Merry

Bounty of the Season

Col: Flame


Whether for yourself or as a gift, homemade pyjamas are the ideal DIY project for those looking to create something to embrace the coziness of fall. 

Personalize to your liking with whatever pattern and material you’d like. Fall in love with flannel, indulge in smooth luxury with silk or caress your skin with breathable cotton. The possibilities are endless! 

This simple yet approachable DIY project is excellent for those wanting to try their hand at making their own clothing with a relatively low-stakes project. 

You can grab a pattern that is already in stock and get to sewing right away!

Jalie Pattern 3244 Footed Pyjamas

Eastwood Pajamas

Jalie Pattern 4016 Jeanne

Pumpkin pin cushion

A DIY project to fuel all your future DIY projects! Keep your sewing needs in one place with an adorable yet practical pumpkin pin cushion.

On top of being a functional work and storage tool, these also double as incredibly cute decor items. After all, who wouldn’t be absolutely tickled to walk into a room adorned with charming miniature pumpkins?

Pin cushions are incredibly versatile too, and we even have a spooky pin cushion idea perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit! 

DIY Pincushion blog post

Brain Pincushion DIY: unique halloween, or witchy themed decor

Shop now and browse our diverse selection of fabrics and patterns and get a jumpstart on your fall DIY projects today!


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