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Yes, it’s convertible!  Undo the ties and it lays flat for easy storage.  You can also flip it so the main print becomes your lining.  We’ve made our bowl with a fun ghoulish print with the intention of using it for Hallowe’en treats, but if you change the fabric you can customize it for so many other uses.  Consider a Thanksgiving or Christmas bread basket, a Valentine’s Day treat bowl, a wedding greeting-card receptacle.  These bowls are great for lots of other storage needs; hand-towels, yarn, snacks, napkins, fabric storage!  Need we say more?

Here’s what you need:  (Fabric measurements for bowl dimensions 11” wide x 11” long x 4”deep)
     Main print (skull and cross bones shown) 2/3 yards (.6 metres)
     Contrast solid (red shown) 5/8 yards (.5 metres)
     Fusible Fleece (we used black) OR Heavy Craft Interfacing OR Fusible Foam 5/8 yard (.5 metres)
     3/8” coordinating twill tape 3 1/3yards (3 metres)
     One spool thread in colour to match main print and twill tape
     Rotary Cutter + Ruler + Cutting Mat OR Scissors + Ruler + Fabric Marker
     Sewing machine with straight-stitch and zigzag-stitch
     Iron and Ironing Board
The fabric requirements will actually allow enough material for a second bowl.  Make sure to double the amount of twill tape if you plan on making an extra bowl for a friend!
     Cut 1 piece of main print 22” x 22” (55cm x 55cm)
     Cut 1 piece of contrast fabric 19” x 19” (48cm x 48cm)
     Cut 1 piece of fusible fleece (or other stiffener of your choice) 19” x 19” (48cm x 48cm)
Lay the solid cotton together with the fusible fleece so the glue side of the fleece is facing the cotton.  Using steam and a wool setting, press the back of the fleece for 5 to 10 seconds to activate the adhesive.  DO NOT SLIDE the iron over the fleece.  Simply lift and press until all of the fleece has adhered to the cotton.
Putting it all together: 
Centre the solid cotton over the wrong side of the main print.  The print should create a 1.5” (3.5cm) frame around the solid.  Pin through all layers.
Pressing the “binding”:
Along one edge, fold the raw edge of the print toward the raw edge of the solid and press.  Then take the folded edge of the print and fold it over the solid and press again.
Pin the “binding” in place.
Stitch the binding down, very close to the folded edge.  Remove pins as you go.
Continue binding:
Working clockwise around the square, repeat the same process of pressing and stitching for the next two sides.
Finish the binding:
Repeat procedure for final side so your bowl is completely bound on all sides.
Marking ties placement:
Using a ruler and erasable fabric marker (we used tailor’s chalk) make a line 4” from the edge of the bowl.  This will become the depth of the bowl.  If you would like a deeper bowl, adjust accordingly, just remember that everything you add to the depth/height comes off of the width/length.
From your twill tape, cut 4 lengths of 30” (75cm) each.  Place one tie along one of the marked lines on your bowl.  Make sure that it is centered along the length (i.e. the over hanging tape at the beginning and end should be equal).
Stitching Ties:
Set sewing machine to wide zigzag stitch.  Starting at the top edge of the bowl, and securing with a backstitch at each end, stitch the tape in place.
Stitch remaining ties:
Turning bowl 90 degrees counter-clockwise repeat the process for the other three ties.
Pressing and tying:
Press a crease in the bowl where you stitched down the ties (along all four sides).  Tie each corner as you would tie a shoelace.  Voila!  Your bowl is complete.  For easy care and storage, untie each corner.  For a different look, tie your bowl with the lining on the outside!


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