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What Fabric is Best for Sleepwear?

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Comfort is the pinnacle of successful sleep, and one of the most crucial elements of a restful slumber is ensuring you are as cozy as possible. This mission starts with finding the best sleepwear to suit your specific sleepy-time needs. 

And what’s an essential factor for ensuring the comfiest pj’s? It lies in the basics. That’s right, finding the right fabric! 

Here are three of the best fabric options for sleepwear to ensure a soft, savoury, and satisfying sleep: 



You can’t go wrong with a classic, and cotton is a classic for a reason, even dating back to ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and South American civilizations. After all, you know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” 

Cotton is a perfect sleepwear fabric option if your body temperature runs hot or you’re simply looking for a lightweight, cooler option. The material is breathable and soft while remaining cool to the touch, promoting a sound and serene sleep. 

Cotton is also ideal for kids as it is durable yet flowy, allowing for flexibility, stretch and easy movement, making it great for even the fussiest or most active sleepers!

Plus, cotton remains the most varied option for prints and patterns, allowing you to make a unique or novel look for your sleepwear. 

We would recommend cotton knits, woven cottons, and batiks! If you’re a new sewist, stick to woven fabrics like woven cottons, or batiks.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, for those who always find themselves feeling cold, or if you keep the room temperature at a relatively chill temperature, flannel is a wonderful choice. 

Unlike other warm materials, such as fleece or wool, flannel will have you feeling cozy without causing you to overheat or feel like you’re melting. It also has a bit of stretch to it, allowing for free movement without feeling constrained. 

Flannels can be either 100% cotton, or are cotton blends and the spectrum of colour and print options vary greatly! You can check out some Flannel PJ fabric options here.

As a new sewist, Flannel is the best option for you!


Silk is one of the most popular choices for sleepwear fabrics due to its many positive qualities. Silk is not only smooth and comfortable on the skin, but it can also help you feel cooler during the warmer times of the year. 

It is also an incredibly lightweight fabric, meaning you will not feel weighed down when sleeping, promoting a heightened sense of comfort. Silk is also an anti-bacterial fabric which can assist in keeping skin clear of acne, and reduce the chances of odours being absorbed into the fabric itself. 

Please note, silk is more susceptible to absorbing sweat and natural body oils due to its lightweight nature, causing it to require more frequent cleaning than other materials to avoid stains or wear on the seams.

Silks can be difficult to sew because of their “slippery” nature, but when sewn correctly, they always produce a gorgeous final product.

Silk Crepe de chine

Looking for a fun DIY activity? Why not try making your own pj’s out of one of the materials listed above! We have a handy YouTube video that shows you how to make a pair of PJ pants using a French Seam technique. To get started, visit Our PJ Tutorial. 


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