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5 Easy Autumn Accessories 

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Can you smell that? Ah, Autumn is in the air! This time of the year is my favourite and one of the things I can’t get enough of is Fall Fashion! But like many of you I don’t have the time or money to be making dozens of new garments each season even if I’d like to be able to. An easy way to combat this is by making accessories to spruce up some of the looks you already have in your closet. Adding a little extra something to that white turtleneck you have, or that black pair of pants can change your whole look! Here are some simple ideas that you can whip up in a weekend or less to transition into Fall in the most fashionable way possible.


Belts may seem like something to roll your eyes at as a suggestion, but don’t under estimate what they can do for your ‘fit! Many of us think of belts for their function only and forget that drawing attention to our waists cannot only succeed in flattering our figures it can also be a great place to display our creativity. 

Myles has put together a quick tutorial (video and blog post!) showing us how to make a super simple belt. While there are a ton of different styles of belts you can make, consider checking out colourful ribbons, cute prints or unconventional materials (like silk) to add that bit of zhuzh!

Video and tutorial can be seen here!


It’s not always scarf season, but when Autumn comes around I know the first thing I’m grabbing is one of my scarves. Whether you grab a solid colour or a printed fabric you can pair a scarf with almost any look. One of my go-to looks is my black turtle neck with black leggings and then I throw on a brightly, printed scarf. It makes looking professional and snazzy effortless (and it keeps you pretty warm on those blustery days). 

We also highly recommend checking out some scarf tying tutorials. Sometimes just the way you wear a scarf can totally change an outfit.  

We even have an Infinity Scarf tutorial up on our YouTube Channel!

Ponchos & Blanket Sweaters 

This simple pull-over is also a surefire way to look put together when in actuality you slept through your alarm! Whether you’re like me or not and press snooze too many times, having a simple poncho to put on over top of a low effort outfit is a great way to not only change up a ‘fit, but stay cozy and mobile. A cute trend I’ve been seeing is people making what is essentially 2 giant scarves and then simply sewing the back panels together and creating a sewn notch at the arms to create a deep sleeve. You can wear this Blanket Sweater open or with a belt.

Myles made this great Poncho tutorial last year and I still love the look. Simply cut your fabric to the size you want your poncho to be and then follow the details here to make the final look.

Link to Tutorial for Myles’ Highland Cape!


Not everyone loves the bowtie look, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say… tying a bowtie is hard! Making a faux bowtie with snaps, clips, or hooks to keep it in place are super simple to make and can really change up a look. Wearing a white top and then adding an oversized, knitted bowtie? Oh, heck yeah! Not only do you look suave, it also shows just how fun you are. Plus, weren’t we all just a little jealous of Bill Nye’s bowtie collection?


The ever loved classic hat simply cannot be ignored. I’m a big fan of berets because they’re typically colourful and easy to sew, but hats come in all shapes and sizes. Not only are they helpful for keeping Vancouver’s rainiest season from ruining our hair, they’re also great for shielding us from the sun, unwanted attention, and bad hair days. Regardless of all of that, I often wear hats at the office to create a fashion forwards look. 

This year the most popular hat style is the bucket hat! While not all of us want to wear this trend indoors, they’re still great for looking put-together while out and about. Just consider making this fun hat in one of our water repellent fabrics to sport that classic ‘singing in the rain’ look. Check out this tutorial we put together that can be adapted for rainy weather or as a fashionable look on the go. 

What fashion accessory did we miss that is a go to for you? We’d love to hear about something you’ve been dying to try and make or an item you make all the time to upgrade your look! Comment here or on our social media to get in on the conversation.


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