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Waste Less This Gift Giving Season

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In this new era of eco-mindedness we’re all looking for the smartest way to shop, share, and save. But really, the convenience of grabbing wrapping paper or easy fixes is always a temptation. So what are some options for the busy sewist? Let us help you out! We’ve done our best to give an accurate time estimate for each of these options so you know exactly what you’re getting into. 

We all want to waste less during the Holiday season; whether you’re looking for a smarter way to give your gifts or habits to apply around the house, here are some options to help you this Holiday season!

1. Keep in the heat! (30 minutes) 

This craft is an oldy but a goody! We’re sure you’re seen these at your grandmother’s house or you remember than from your childhood. There is a good reason they’ve stuck around! Draft stoppers are a great way to keep that cold air out and your heat in. Plus, with the ability to customise your draft stopper to match your kitchen or your hallway decor, these money savers can look stylish while being practical. 

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We have a free DIY up where you can learn exactly how to make this modern draft stopper. Whether you’re grabbing new fabrics or pulling from your stash this is the perfect project for an evening; you won’t get overwhelmed or leave your sewing table with a half finished project!

2. The gift of storage (30 minutes – 50 minutes)

This beginner friendly storage bag is perfect for quilters! If you’re new to the world of quilting but you don’t know where to start this is the perfect project for you. If you just want the storage benefits you can even skip the quilting part and just jump right to making the bag. (Pssst, it also fits pretty much any medium sized gift so you can quit struggling to wrap that weirdly shaped present!)

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Whether you want to use this perfect pouch to store a quilt, gift a present during the holiday season, or to learn a new technique, this project is right for you. If you just want to sew the pouch we estimate it will take about 30 minutes. To do the quilting (for beginners) we estimate it will take about 50 minutes.

3. No one is wine-ing! (20 minutes)

No one is whining about this great craft. A bottle bag is the perfect gift when visiting friends this holiday season! Whether you’re gifting a bottle of wine, champagne, or just some bubbly tonic, this is an excellent gift for the eco-minded sewist. Not only is the glass bottle you’re giving recyclable, you can present it without creating trash from bows, string, or plastic bags. Present your bottle stylishly and gift a bag that can be used again and again. 

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4. Nothing to Tote-about (20-40 minutes)

We’ve got a three parter for you here! This versatile tote is not only a gift bag for packaging your presents, it can be a part of the gift as well! These three totes use the same basic pattern to create a sturdy, beautiful bag. Learn to apply a draw string and how to line a bag while making your own pattern!

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Depending on which tote you decide to make, this project should take 20 to 40 minutes: an excellent investment since your project can be used again and again. Whether they’re running to the beach for a holiday get away or using the bag to gift a present. 

5. Box Up-cycle (20 minute)

This project doesn’t even involve sewing! You can turn any plain ol’box into something beautiful with this technique. You might have a box the perfect size but it has a stain on it, or maybe one of the sides has a tear and you don’t want to gift something that looks shabby. Fear not! You can make that box beautiful again and have it last for ages. Plus, your gift-receiver can either keep the box for storage or use it to gift something next year.

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6. For the makeup lovers! (10 minutes)

This is a simple and great gift to make for anyone who wears makeup! As you know: once you put makeup on, it has to come off and you can accidentally create a lot of trash using makeup remover wipes. So, why not make something reusable? These little guys can be thrown in the wash and used again and again. Super easy to make and a great stocking stuffer or mini-gift for friends or family. 

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7. Attache away (10 minutes) 

Do you have a flat gift or something that feels lack luster to present even if it’s incredibly thoughtful? Maybe those guitar lessons that are on a printed sheet or that cooking booklet just looks weird to give in a box or wrapped up. This super chic attache (folder) is great for storing your cards so they don’t get wet or as a stylish way to gift paper presents. Plus, you can use this folder for storage afterward as well!

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This is also a great tutorial on how to apply appliqués to any project! This may add some extra time to your sewing regime but it is totally worth it to add a classy touch to any of you’re gifting. If you’re just looking to make the attache this project is fast and easy! 

Tell us what you think! Is there a tutorial you’d love for us to take a crack at? Comment below!


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